McDowell Center Offers First Round of Study-Abroad Awards

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Russian Study Abroad Meeting!

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Mark your calenders folks !! The first Russian Study Abroad information meeting will be held Dec. 3rd @ noon in Trimble Hall room 200. For more info please contact  Here are a few pictures from last year’s trip to entice you. ;)

To the members, new and old

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Привет ко всем новым и прежним членам Российского Культурного Общества Университета Техаса в Арлингтоне.  Поскольку я просмотрел фотографии событий, в которых я участвовал и я помнил студентов, профессоров, и друзей, я скоро стал очень ностальгическим и эмоциональным.  Я завидую шансу, что новые члены будут иметь развить новые воспоминания и много дорогого дружбы. Как прежний президент РКО-a, Я бросаю вызов вам брать всё, что вы можете от возможностей, которые каждый из вас имеет. Как близкий друг ко многим из вас, Я прошу вас оставаться активными и пробовать помочь другим студентам обнаруживать наш клуб. Я взволнован для каждого из вас, и я желаю каждого из вас всего наилучшего!

Кит Хадилстон

2009 Voronezh Study Abroad

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Another successful year!


When I think about how much this trip personally meant to me, I find it hard to put into words. This was not only my first time to travel abroad, but it was also my first experience with the Russian language.

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would have spent an amazing summer in Russia, I would have thought they were crazy.  As much as I wanted to step out of my comfort zones, I never thought I would be able to afford it, nor did I think I would have the strength to be able to handle being fully immersed in a language that I was not familiar with.

Last year at this time, I found myself taking a Russian literature class after I saw a flier as I was walking around campus. As the class progressed,  I discovered I had a love for learning about Russia and Russia’s prolific writers. It seemed that the more I studied the more I fell in love with Russia. One day a light went off and I decided that I wanted to add a Russian major to my degree plan. After telling a few people about my decision, a few of the people who have studied abroad asked if I considered joining the Russian study abroad to truly experience Russia. As much as I wanted to, I never thought I would be able to afford it. I mean, I was  just a student who was struggling to get by.  How in the world would I be able to afford a trip to Russia? After attending meetings with the Russian study abroad advisors,  I decided I had to go, no matter what. With the help of study abroad advisors, Dr. Harrison, and others who have been on study abroad trips,  I found a plethora of scholarships and grants. By the time all of my funding came in, I was shocked by the fact that I was going to be able to visit the places that I had spent the last year studying!  It was a dream come true!

The entire experience for me was life changing. From the moment that I stepped on the plane and learned the Cyrillic alphabet, to the moment when we walked through the arches of Palace Square and had our first view of the Hermitage. Much of the trip, for me, left me with chills as I stood in places that witnessed  intriguing history, left me breathless as I viewed the exquisite architecture  and art of Saint Petersburg, and touched my heart as I formed bonds with people who I could barely communicate with in  the Russian language.

If you are thinking about joining the Voronezh study abroad in 2010, I highly suggest you do. It will be a trip that you will never forget! If there are any question that you have, please let the Russian Department, or myself know. After the trip I decided to become a study abroad ambassador. I am willing to help you with any questions you have, or point you in the right direction! Please enjoy our pictures from the summer!


And now for some good silly fun…

a3Amy laughs as we tell her that she looks like she is ready for the harvest!

russia11Jeremy tries to drink the Don!!

aa2Argin proving that she can do anything!

aa4Christopher running in a ball!

aa6Dr. Harrison after his turn running in the ball.

aa.1I liked to dance to the music.

aa11Haley was always on hand to capture our crazy moments on tape.

aa5Jonathan cuddling Argin’s tiger. Awwwwwww… how very cute! :o)

aa8Chalk man!

a23Why you should never rely on an online translator…”Yes, I will have an order of the language beef please.”

Finally, the moments when we were too cool for school…

aaaaa1Either Jonathan is the man of steel, or he is Michael Flatley….

aaa2Amy showing the correct way to rock a pair of five inch Russian heals.


I am a legend in my own mind.

aaaa3Dr. Harrison: the personification of coolness!





A Night at the Dacha

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The gang after a hayride at dusk. (Pay close attention to Dr. Harrison’s horns and the devious look on Christoper Velikiy’s face! Priceless!)


Dr. Harrison harvesting yummy things to eat.


Baba Anya teaching us how to tell if the fruit is ripe.


Jonathan chops the wood as Jeremy carves spoons. :)


Jonathan was tuckered out after all that hard work!


The ladies seasoning the Shashlyk. Yum!!!


Dr. Harrison ready to start the grilling!


Waiting for the Shashlyk to cook.

d10We were all very sad to leave the dacha!!

Saint Petersburg

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The Group (Haley, Argin, Jonathan, Dr. Baeva, Jeremy, Christoper Vilikiy, Trish, Dr. Harrison , and Amy)  standing in Palace Square. The famous Hermitage is directly behind us.


The girls devising an evil plan to play pranks on the boys, thereby  making the 24 hour train ride from Voronezh to Saint Petersburg go by faster. He he he…


Christoper Velikiy tried to retaliate, ” DOCUMENTS!!!!! Did it work? Did it work?”


We were thrilled to finally be in Saint Petersburg!!!


One of the highlights of the trip: the boat ride to Peterhof.


The views from the boat were amazing during our ride from the Neva to the Gulf of Finland.


Dr. Baeva enjoying the breathtaking views.


Dr. Harrison and our lovely tour guide, and new friend, Luba.


The Grand Cascade at Peterhof.


Pictures fail to capture just how stunning these  fountains were  in person!


The Bronze Horseman.


A night view of Kazan Cathedral. This cathedral was right across the street from the hostel we stayed at.


A few of us decided to take a midnight boat ride on the Neva. At night they raise all the bridges on the Neva, to let the ships pass, and you ride under them. It is a beautiful and unique experience.

sp13The view right before they raised the bridges.

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Volgograd, Russia


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